The FAA-led Blue Ribbon Task Force on UAS Mitigation at airports released its final report this week.  This report makes further and more comprehensive recommendations from their July 2019 interim report.  This panel consisted of airport management and airline stakeholders and was chaired by former FAA Administrator Michael Huerta.  While this panel lacked any manufacturers of C-UAS detection, tracking and identification (DTI) or mitigation technologies, it acknowledges the response to UAS intrusion of airspace around airports will not be solved by policy and education alone.  We’d have appreciated a much more emphatic acknowledgement of this fact, but there were some notable and strong recommendations moving forward to tackle this problem.  We believe C-UAS technology is the key to successfully tackling this problem. The most notable recommendation made by the BRTF was the proposal to give State and local law enforcement agencies authorities to deploy countermeasures when warranted around airport intrusions.  A pilot program is recommended initially while policies and procedures are developed that can be rolled out throughout North America.  We wholeheartedly endorse this recommendation and hope others will echo this recommendation and support any pilot programs that may ensue.

Invisible Interdiction remains committed to our Drone Safe Communities  industry group and will continue to engage the FAA and other airspace stakeholders in creating a safe environment for commercial users of drones alongside manned aircraft.  There is a space for comments on the website of the Blue Ribbon Task Force.  Don’t hesitate to post some comments in support of their efforts.