The Singapore Airshow went off without a hitch this week at Changi Exhibition Centre on Singapore’s east coast.  The Coronavirus certainly took its toll on the participants with the entire Chinese delegation barred from attendance and other large defense and aviation firms pulling out.  There were more than a few empty booths in the exhibition floor.

That notwithstanding, nearly all of the small businesses made the trip and were able to capitilize on the regional attendees.  Invisible Interdiction attended as part of the Florida delegation displaying our hand-held Ghoul Tool Full Spectrum and Ghoul Tool Attachable as well as one of our jamming modules.  To be sure, new and innovative Ghoul Tool Attachable was quite a hit with the military attendees.  Most who handled the system were amazed at the small size and weight.  Regional visitors were equally amazed at the engineering that has gone into this new system.  Demonstration requests began to come in immediately.

We look forward obviously to the opportunity to return to Asia to demonstrate this new capability with our regional partners.