GTFS hand-held to make its debut at IDEX 2019 in Abu Dhabi 17-21 Feb.

Invisible Interdiction and partner Carry One will be displaying the world’s most capable counter-drone jamming system at IDEX 2019 in Abu Dhabi.  The GTFS will be shown in booth 09-B10 with Safeer Company, a part of UAE-based holding company Maward.  These local partners are eager to show off our capability to local UAE military and police forces in attendance at the show.  The GTFS represents the most advanced C-UAS system available anywhere in the world.

There will be other anti-drone technologies shown in same booth at IDEX 2019 and we are eager to partner as necessary to enable local and deploying security forces to better protect themselves from this emerging threat.  The GTFS hand-held uses a rechargeable Li-ion battery common to all coalition radios.  It is the only hand-held that has user programmable jamming bands which allows for jamming energy only where its needed.  This minimizes collateral effects.  At only 2.2 kgs, it represents a lightweight and capable counter-UAS tool.