The world looked on in awe as London’s Gatwick Airport was shut down for 36 hours between the 19th and 21st of December Over 1,000 flights and roughly 140,000 passengers had their Christmas travel halted by a knucklehead with a small commercial drone. For about $30,000 USD the situation could have been easily avoided by employing the Ghoul Tool Full Spectrum (GTFS) hand-held C-UAS device. Police could have forced the drone to return home, followed it and arrested the guilty person(s), or interrupted the navigation system and made the drone land safely. Both options are far better and cheaper than grounding thousands of flights and tying up law enforcement personnel who have more important things to do. The GTFS has been range tested by the U.S. Navy and is certified HERO, HERP, HERF safe. Give us a call, we will help avoid the next airport interruption.