Invisible Interdiction participated in a live electronic warfare and counter-drone field event last week sponsored by the Estonian Ministry of Defense and organized by London-based Tangentlink. 24 international delegations who wanted to see live demonstrations of C-UAS and electronic warfare technologies attended the event.  These 150+ delegates were primarily NATO-sponsored EW teams, but include countries from the Far East and Africa.  All of the 26 vendor participants came with live systems for demonstration.

Invisible Interdiction participated in a live counter-UAV interdiction exercise with their hand-held Ghoul Tool Full Spectrum (GTFS). The counter-UAV exercise part of EW LIVE was a hit with all the delegates as they were able to see five different approaches to detection and interdiction. With GTFS, we were able to defeat active-controlled, GPS-programmed and swarm threats at remarkable ranges. One of the delegates noted “I was amazed at the range performance of such a small system.” The ‘red team’ drone pilots flew the latest DJI Mavic 2 Pro systems making the detection and interdiction a challenge for the five vendors who participated in the C-UAS demos.  However, these teams which included Invisible Interdiction, Sensofusion, Exfo Homeland Security, Rohde & Schwarz and Allen Vanguard all gained successful interdictions at various ranges.  To be sure, the delegates were impressed with the demonstration and the various ways the vendors designed and configured their systems.

A future EW LIVE event is planned for the U.S. in 2020. The event organizers Tangentlink have been working with the Association of Old Crows to see what options might be available that would allow for a large number of participants from North America to particpate.  No question the event location in Estonia made it difficult for U.S. or Canadian vendors to ship their systems overeseas.