As we near completion of our first two countermeasure systems, Invisible Interdiction is looking for international partners to act as representatives to help us introduce the Ghoul Tool line of RF countermeasures into foreign militaries, security forces and installations.  The recently complete Ghoul Tool Short-range jamming module is proving to be a superb performer in a 2.5 kg package.  This multi-band counter measure includes an interface that allows for integration via ethernet, serial or digital logic.  This easy-to-integration RF countermeasure provides over 1 km defeat range for both fixed-wing and rotary-wing drones.

We are also completing our first hand-held system; called the Ghoul Tool Full Spectrum  This hand-held system will be the best performing hand-held defeat system in the world.  We’ll begin testing and qualification in mid-August and be looking for exports beginning in September 2018.

So if you are interested in working with us please send an e-mail to [email protected] and we’ll get right back to you.