Invisible Interdiction is set to attend AUSA’s Global Force Symposium next week at the Von Braun exhibition center in Huntsville, AL.  Come join us at this major AUSA event next week from 26th-28th March.  Since our down select for Army Research Lab’s xTechSearch 2.0 last week, we’ve been invited to display our Next Generation Combat Vehicle C-UAS concept.  We’ll be displaying on Tuesday, 26th March at the Innovation Corner.  The Innovation Corner is located in the East Hall of the Von Braun Center.  The small businesses displaying in the Innovation Corner represent the 25 semi-finalists for the xTechSearch 2.0 competition.  We’ve won $14,000 in prize money to get to this phase of the competition.  If selected for the finals, we’ll be awarded $120,000 and the opportunity to build prototypes of our armored vehicle C-UAS concept.

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Invisible Interdiction President Clay Wild will be presenting this concept to the public in a short 15-minute briefing at 1455 on Tuesday, 26th March at the same location.  Please come join us.