The concern over the potential misuse of commercial drones is growing across the globe as evidenced by the shopping customers that stopped by to discuss the Ghoul Tool C-UAS products. Royal Saudi Ministry of Defense, Egyptian military, Australian Navy, and U.S. Army units interested in conducting combat evaluations top the list of interested military customers. We had more traffic from well-known international industrial firms looking for directional RF defeat capabilities to integrate into their detection and tracking suites.

Peer and near-peer adversaries have invested heavily in electronic warfare, the US and allies are rushing to catch up as evidenced in this recent article . The days of utilizing poorly designed, high radiated power Omni-directional Gaussian white noise jammers like our competitors make are coming to an end for a couple of reasons. First, sophisticated enemies can detect radiated energy many miles away and send very accurate rockets, mortar, or cannon fire to take out the emitter. Second, Omni-directional jammers, often referred to as doughnut jammers, leave a doughnut hole above the emitter where there is no protection. Drones can fly above the emitter and through the unprotected doughnut to attack the emitter with grenades or bombs. Low-power highly directional jammers like the Ghoul Tool products are much more difficult for enemies to detect and are the preferred technology for Counter-UAS missions. If you have troops deployed overseas, or getting ready to deploy, and you need the most capable, smallest, lightest, lowest radiated power C-UAS equipment on the market, give us a call.